Performance Cars & Classic Cars

Engine Specialists has extensive experience and a reputation for performance cars, drag race cars, circuit race cars, drift cars, classic cars and especially muscle cars servicing, repairs and modifications. Their services and capabilities include:

  • Specialists in servicing and maintenance of standard or modified American and Australian muscle cars
  • Experience in V8 and Turbocharged 6 & 4 cylinder Engines
  • Can undertake any work from a stock standard replacement build to bring back to manufacturers specifications / Mild street performance for the car to sound like a muscle car when idling with minimum performance gain.
  • Hi-range performance for drag racing to deliver the high engine horsepower requirements for the race days.
  • Design, build and tune high performance reliable engines compatible to the car, horsepower requirements and budget.
  • Transmission maintenance, upgrades and rebuilds
  • Upgrades as required – Exhaust, muffler, brake system, air filter, turbo charger, suspension (including lowering) and more

Classic cars servicing and mechanical restoration. This may include engine rebuilding or repair as appropriate. Engine Specialists can procure the required parts. If unavailable in the market, the part can be machined or fabricated in their machine shop.