Trade – Automotive Repairers & Workshops

Engine Specialties are trusted by automotive workshops for their efficiency and expertise. The services offered range from full engine reconditioning, building complete long motors or short blocks right down to minimum machining and servicing of cylinder heads.

Engine Specialities caters for the big and small requirements of Auckland automotive workshops.  Few of their capabilities include:

  • Engine overhauls including engine removal & fitting
  • Crankshaft regrinds, polishing & crack testing
  • Engine block pressure testing, reboring, refacing, honing, lifter boring
  • Cylinder head refacing, pressure testing, head conversions, valves & seat recutting, porting & flow testing, aluminium welding & repairs
  • Engine parts supplied

Their state of the art on-site machine shop includes:

  • Crank Grinder – Grinding capabilities for all cranks from small engine to heavy diesel crank crack testing and polishing
  • Surface Grinder – Cylinder head and block resurfacing including manifolds and turbo housings
  • Pressure Tester – Pressure testing cylinder heads and blocks, boat manifolds and intercoolers.
  • CNC Boring Machines – Computer operated re-boring machine for all engine blocks including heavy diesel. Cylinder liner resleeving / Darton sleeves Lifter bore sleeving can also be done with line boring of blocks
  • Specialist Welding – MIG and TIG welding  on steel, aluminium and arc welding cast iron
  • Chassis Dyno Tuning – Determine and optimise horsepower, torque and air fuel mixture

Engine Dyno tuning